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Please review the questions and answers below to see if your problem is listed. If not, then feel free to mail us with your question.

Q. What is Location Manager, and why is it needed?
A. Location Manager is a free utility that allows you to set your location and time zone once for all of the Star Pilot, MEW3, and some other applications. It is necessary for correct operation of all of our products and should be installed before installing any of the rest of our products. It is necessary even on Palm devices that set the timezone in the operating system itself because the device itself does not store your latitude and longitude. Please make sure to download Location Manager and install it.

Q. Star Pilot is complaining about a missing Location Manager Library
A. This means you have only partially installed Location Manager. Please be sure to install both locmgr.prc and llmgr.prc

Q. Star Pilot is displaying that doesn't look like I'm expecting
A. Make sure you have run Location Manager and selected your city. If not, quit Star Pilot, select a city and rerun Star Pilot. If you have already done so, make sure the time set on your Palm is correct. Star Pilot displays the time it has drawn the sky for in the bottom right corner. Make sure this time matches the time you expect.

Q. Star Pilot is displaying in black and white even though I have a color device
A. Go to the Options menu, choose Magnitudes, and choose Color Objects.

Q. What devices does Star Pilot work on?
A. Although Star Pilot will likely run on all devices running PalmOS v2.0 or higher, we officially only support Palm devices running PalmOS v3.5 or higher. This includes Palm Inc., Sony, and other licensees' devices.

Q. How do I get a hi-res display?
A. Star Pilot will automatically display in hi-res (320x320) mode on Sony Clie and PalmOS 5 devices that support such a mode.

Q. Can I put Star Pilot on an expansion card such as SD or Memory Stick?
A. Sort of...Right now Star Pilot and other applications can be installed on expansion cards, but their databases cannot. The exception to this is Messier! You may install Messier!'s picture databases to your expansion card. Better expansion card support is coming in the future.

Q. Is Star Pilot (and other applications) free?
A. No. We provide a feature limited version of all of our products to try, but if you choose to use them, please purchase them.

Q. What kind of warantee does Star Pilot have?
A. Star Pilot Technologies does not warrant against damage caused to your devices by the use of our products. If you have technical problems, we will make a best effort to solve them for you, but no guarantees are implied. If trouble persists after purchase, you will be entitled to a refund within 30 days after purchase.

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