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Star Pilot is a full featured sky-mapping program for the Palm Computing® platform. It has the ability to plot stars, planets, and Messier objects in a standard skymap format. Listed below are some of its features as well as screenshots taken directly from a Palm device:

Screen Shots

Star Pilot Main Display
Main Display

Star Pilot Zoom Display
Zoom Display

Star Pilot ID Display
Identification Display

Star Pilot Find Display
Find Display

* 1500 stars in the database

* All 88 constellations

* All 110 Messier objects

* Can plot stars in B&W, gray, or color

* Supports hi-res screen display on Sony Clie and Palm OS/5 devices

* Choose from pre-programmed cities or enter your own latitude and longitude for precise results

* Zoom (with a zoom factor that can be set) on any portion of the sky

* Display constellation lines in either the main screen or the zoom window in 3 different gray shades

* Identify any star on the display with a single click (displays name, constellation, spectral type, distance, RA, Dec, and magnitude)

* Use either the Palm's date and time or specify a different date and time to display the map for (unregistered version is restricted to the current day only, but different times are allowed)

* Pick "city" or "rural" mode to determine what your night sky looks like, or specify your own magnitude range

* Specify which objects you wish to see displayed including the ability to customize what symbols to use for each planet

* Specify how often you wish the display to be redrawn

* Find any star in the sky by name (Purchase version only)

* Find any constellation in the sky by name (Purchase version only)

* Can launch Sol! II, Moon Info!, and J-Moons!, Sol System, Planets!, and NGC! from Star Pilot (Purchase version only)

Below is a screenshot of the hi-res display as seen on Sony Clie and PalmOS 5 devices:

Hi-Res display

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