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Night Sky

Night Sky is an application that is designed to help backyard astronomers, teachers, parents and any one else learn about the 88 constellations and their major stars. A simple user interface allows users to quickly display any of the constellations and a single tap further identifies any displayed star.

Screen Shots

Night View - Details Display
Details Display

Night View - Graphical Display
Graphical Display

Night View - Identification Display
Identification Display


* All 88 constellations are easily chosen from a simple drop-down list

* Information including the constellation's abbreviation, definition, area, and hemisphere is displayed instantly

* A single tap allows viewing all stars in the constellation

* A single tap in the view mode allows identification of any star, providing information such as name, magnitude, and spectral type

* Preferences allow the user to customize the graphical display

* Full memory card support

* 320x320 hires displays on all capable OS/5 devices and OS/4 Sony Clie devices

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