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Messier! is a complete Messier object observing program. It can display information about all Messier objects as well as keep an observer log that may be exported to your desktop computer.

Screen Shots

Messier! Main Display
Main Display

Messier! Picture Display
Picture Display

Messier! Observeration Display
Observation Display

Messier! Table Display
Find Display

* Main screen displays name, constellation, type, right ascension, declination, rise time, set time, azimuth, and altitude of any Messier object

* Full color (and grayscale) pictures are available for all objects. Picture database can be customized to only include pictures the user wants, and they can be put on expansion media.

* Information can be displayed for any date/time the Palm supports (Purchase version only)

* Table view available to quickly view rise/set of all objects

* Users can sort the Messier information by name, magnitude, rise, set, RA, or declination (some sort modes are only available in the Purchased version)

* Create observations for any Messier object with a single click

* Review/edit/delete observation records at any time

* Sort observations by name, date, equipment, rating, or notes

* Export observation records to MemoPad so you can view them later on your desktop PC (registered verison only)

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